Неведомая ошибка , за помощ заплачу !

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ПРОбуйте в DFU режиме вероянтно вы не правиль его туда вводите!
DFU режим (DFU mode)
вход и выход в DFU режим видео
Anton Tribut
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Серов Александр писал(а):ПРОбуйте в DFU режиме вероянтно вы не правиль его туда вводите!
DFU режим (DFU mode)
вход и выход в DFU режим видео

есть прогресс нашол такую интересную статейку :


Your iPod must be connected to your computer for the whole process

Step 1. Put your iPod into DFU mode.
How to get into DFU mode: Hold both power and home button
for 10 seconds untill you hear the sound that its connected.
Then release the power button and keep holding the home button
for another 10-12 seconds untill you hear the connection sound.
Your iTouch is now in DFU mode.

Step 2. Open up Command Prompt
(Press the start button, click on run and type "cmd" and click on ok)

Copy and paste the following: cd c:\Boot
Then press enter.

Now copy this: irecovery.exe -f iBSS211.dfu
And press enter.

Unplug your iTouch and wait 10 seconds, then plug it back in.
You should see a white screen.

After this iTunes may have already recognized the iPod and if so you can click on restore.

Now copy and paste : irecovery.exe -s

You are now in irecovery shell.

Copy and paste this whole code:

mw 0x9000000 0xe59f3014
mw 0x9000004 0xe3a02a02
mw 0x9000008 0xe1c320b0
mw 0x900000c 0xe3e02000
mw 0x9000010 0xe2833c9d
mw 0x9000014 0xe58326c0
mw 0x9000018 0xeafffffe
mw 0x900001c 0x2200f300

When its all done you you will see /exit on the bottom, press enter.

Now copy and paste this: irecovery.exe -f iBSS221pwn.dfu

When thats done copy and paste this: iRecovery.exe -s
type "go" and press enter then type /exit and press enter.

Copy and paste: irecovery.exe -f iBoot211pwn.img3

Copy and paste: irecovery.exe -s
type "go"

Your iPod touch 2G should now boot normally.

Credits go to:

leafss2, for making one of the first iPt2G jailbreaking tutorial vid, and publicing the files and codes.
iPhone-dev team, for making redsn0w.
Me, for making a video and text file showing how to unfreeze your iTouch.


делаю все как написанно но белыий екран так и не появляетса..да и потом пишет :

вот сылка : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ckrfYpfe ... re=related

а еше какие то ошибки находит....




давайте думать вместе че делать

-ts-macbook-3:~ at$ iRecovery -s
iRecovery – Recovery Utility
by westbaer
Thanks to pod2g, tom3q, planetbeing and geohot.

build-style = “RELEASE”
build-version = “iBoot-596.24″
config_board = “m68ap”
loadaddr = “0×9000000″
boot-command = “fsboot”
idle-off = “true”
boot-device = “nand0″
boot-partition = “0″
boot-path = “/System/Library/Caches/com.apple.kernelcaches/kernelcache.s5l8900x”
display-color-space = “RGB888″
display-timing = “optC”
P backlight-level = “34″
P bootdelay = “0″
P unlock = “1″
P boot-args = “rd=md0 nand-enable-reformat=1 -progress”
framebuffer = “0xfd00000″
secure-boot = “0×1″
cmd-results = “RELEASE”
P auto-boot = “false”
filesize = “0×298d8″
? = “0xffffffff”
] setenv auto-boot true
] saveenv
] reboot