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Anton Stremovskiy
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Непрочитанное сообщение 07 Январь 2010, 16:02

у кого в последнее время перетсла работать пуш сервис от гугла (GMAIL only)
не спешите сбрасывать свои телефоны.... гугл обвиняют во всем якобы прошивку 31.2 но занимаются решением проблемы.

Yes, we've acknowledged a number of issues with mail Sync that we're working to alleviate. iPhone 3.1.2 broke some of our builds, but we hope to have it working again soon.


Thanks guys, we're working through some issues with v.3.1.2 and hope to have this fixed soon. There are a few other bugs we're working on as well to get everything running smoothly again. We appreciate your patience.

FYI - You can stay tuned to these other open threads for updates:

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